The Diverse Roles of γδ T Cells in Cancer: From Rapid Immunity to Aggressive Lymphoma

Anti-tumour functions of γδ T cells

γδ T cells play important roles in cancer immunity. Their rapid activation and cytotoxic nature make them promising candidates for use in cell-based immunotherapies; however, under certain conditions, they can induce pro-tumour functions. Furthermore, upon transformation, γδ T cells can develop into aggressive lymphomas with a poor prognosis and no curative therapeutic options.

In this review, a comprehensive summary of our current knowledge on the complex roles of γδ T cells in cancer is provided. Authors from the Neubauer group in our Moriggl lab discuss their anti- and pro-tumour functions in both solid and blood cancers, highlighting the key subsets involved and their potential utility in anti-cancer immunotherapy. Also discussed is the mechanisms of γδ T-cell transformation, summarising the resulting γδ T-cell leukaemia/lymphoma entities and their genetic and molecular profiles, as well as current and future treatment strategies.

Pro-tumour functions of γδ T cells

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