We are happy to announce that we are now part of the Green Labs Austria in order to reduce our ecological footprint on as many levels as possible. Green Labs Austria is an organization that connects laboratories in Austria to raise awareness for how our research activities contribute significantly to waste problems and climate change. Additionally, they offer guidelines and help for a transition to more environmentally friendly research.

Our first main aim is to recycle single-use plastic routinely used in our lab as well as to lower our energy consumption. Together we found a way to identify and separate different kinds of plastic in our materials in order to collect them separately for recycling.

“Self-interest is for the past, common interest is for the future. It is up to us to contribute to urgently needed changes to create a healthier, greener and cleaner planet which will benefit all of us.” – Gabriela, Master student in the Moriggl Lab

A big shout out to Gabriela and Marie from our lab who contacted the organization and developed a recycling concept that we can all stick to!

Read more about the Green Labs Austria here. What an amazing initiative!

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