Richard Moriggl and Heidi Neubauer receive Awards at the Vetmed Science Day 2019

Gain more insight into the Vetmeduni Science day in this video, created by the Vetmeduni Vienna.

At this year’s Vetmeduni Science Day, there were interesting talks, poster sessions from students, networking opportunities as well as awards given in recognition of outstanding scientific contributions from the previous year. Members of the Moriggl lab, Richard Moriggl and Heidi Neubauer, were very successful and received three awards.

Receiving this year’s well deserved awards at the 2019 Vetmeduni Science Day event. Picture credits: T. Suchanek/Vetmeduni Vienna.

Lab head Richard Moriggl was awarded with the ‘Vetmeduni Vienna ‘Scientist of the Year’ Award, non-clinical category: Highest number of citations’. 

Heidi Neubauer was awarded with the ‘Vetmeduni Vienna ‘Young Scientist of the Year’ Award, non-clinical category: Highest number of citations’ and the ‘Vetmeduni Vienna ‘Young Scientist of the Year’ Award, non-clinical category: Most third-party funding’.

Richard and Heidi on stage while receiving their awards.

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Spin-Off Fellowship for Anna Orlova

Targeting STAT5 Oligomerization in Leukemia

Due to her remarkable research efforts, Dr. Anna Orlova was awarded with the FFG Spin-Off Fellowship which enables her to form her own group within the Moriggl lab. In the course of the fellowship, Anna wants to target cancerous STAT5 oligomerization in Acute Myeloid Leukemia. We are impressed by this great accomplishment!

Read more about Anna’s research here.

VetIdeas-Poster-Challenge 2018

Winners VetIdeas-Poster-Challenge by tecnet/Accent: Karin Bayer/Peter Füreder (1. Platz), Anna Orlova (2. Platz), Nina Kramer (3. Platz); im Bild v.l.: Thilo Schmalz (tecnet), Anna Orlova, Peter Füreder, Karin Bayer, Nina Kramer, Florian Schirg (Accent), Christine Ruckenbauer; ©T. Suchanek/Vetmeduni Vienna

Anna Orlova from the Moriggl Lab could impress with her poster at the VetIdeas-Poster-Challenge 2018 and received 1.000EUR for her future research. Congrats Anna!