The Functional Cancer Genomics laboratory, headed by Professor Richard Moriggl, is located at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna within the Institute for Animal Breeding and Genetics.

Our research is focused on the JAK-STAT core cancer pathway. We explore the molecular functions of JAK kinases and STAT transcription factors to gain insights into mechanisms controlling cellular proliferation/survival, gene transcription and epigenetic regulation, in the context of cancer initiation and progression. Moreover, we focus on testing and developing new targeted cancer therapies, and have established expertise in generating and analyzing mouse models for translational cancer research.

STAT5 forming tetramers, changing the DNA conformation. Video kindly provided by Biolution.

Within the lab, we primarily study hematopoietic cancer with a focus on T cell neoplasia, acute myeloid leukemia and myeloproliferative neoplasms. Collaborative efforts also include mechanistic insights into carcinoma, melanoma as well as sarcoma biology. Furthermore, we conduct work on autoimmune, infectious and chronic inflammatory diseases within international collaborations. Our group has a strong focus on studying clinically-relevant driver mutations and bridging basic cancer research towards translational and pre-clinical research. In addition, we continuously explore new drug treatments in connection with the biotech/pharma industry and develop our own drug-targeting endeavours to target transcription factors.

We are a big international team and we are a part of the Green Labs Austria to contribute to more sustainable and environmentally friendly research.

Research Topics In Focus

Basic and translational research exploring hyperactivation of the JAK-STAT core cancer pathway in hematopoietic cancers

Principle Investigator
Prof. Dr. Richard Moriggl

Understanding the role of the
JAK-STAT core cancer pathway
in mature T cell leukemias/
lymphomas and myeloproliferative neoplasms

Group Leader
Heidi Neubauer, PhD